Conservation Priorities

Advancing species protections

We support the permanent protection of the Eidolon helvum habitats in Vihiga counties and Hildegarde’s species protection at the Coast for the survival of their populations through conservation education and research. We advocate for natural resources management practices that champion biodiversity and ensure the integrity of scenic and water resources.


Fostering future Generation conservation and community stewards.

Strengthening sustainable development is a priority for our future generations. We empower new conservationists (youths) and community leaders with the knowledge, healthy and mind-expanding experiences, and tools to become contributors and stewards in their communities and beyond to establish sustainable ecological and cultural practices locally and globally for places and people. Angaza vijiji provides support for education outreach programs (from childhood institutions, youth groups/regional schools to vulnerable groups in communities), small-medium enterprises, and conservation of key species to inspire respect and passion for our natural world and to enact sustainable development strategies that will sustain the natural world (key species and vibrant communities).

Enterprise Priorities

Vibrant and Healthy communities

The organization invests in acclaimed, critical, and local programs, services, and events to help lift communities including small and medium enterprises that leverage community-based conservation and hence sustainable development.

Enterprise for conservation

Our focus on nature-based enterprises that include community tourism, wildlife safaris, outdoor education, and conservation consultancy helps to generate income for our conservation initiatives.

Global Learning

Working with young people in learning institutions that include schools, tertiary institutions, universities and community groups is an opportunity to promote global standards and good practices in many spheres. We strive to provide experiential learning opportunities for young people within and across borders through intercultural exchanges. Travelling enables young people from every place on the planet to improve their understanding of their environment. Through international exchanges for young people, we are able to promote an understanding not just for conservation but also for livelihood across cultures and nations for sustainable development.


We provide volunteer placement opportunities on a case-by-case basis. We strive to mentor future conservation leaders through these practical work experiences. We also facilitate talent utilization or practice of skills by providing opportunities for conservation scientists, tech nerds to impact communities through escalating their skills to keen youth while also helping to strengthen our organization's capacity.