Our Achievements

Building and setting up mobile-enabled monitoring of the straw-colored fruit bats (Eidolon helvum) in Vihiga County.

Establishing schools and community-based monitoring of the straw-colored fruit bats in Vihiga County.

Establishment of Ecotourism circuits within Kisumu and Vihiga counties which promote community-based ecosystem use.

Equipping at least 30 community youth with critical skills to become citizen scientists for the conservation of important wildlife habitats.

We have mentored more than 20 young college graduates in the field of tourism management and conservation science thus enabling us to become the 2013 Eco-warrior award winners.

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Our Team

Evarastus Obura

Evarastus Obura

Evarastus Obura is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Angaza Vijiji and Secretary to the advisory board.
Besides a bachelor degree in development studies from the Management University of Africa Evarastus also has strong trainings with certifications from globally recognised universities and institutions.
He also has a number of achievements from his past work that include having won an eco-warrior award in 2013 by the Ecotourism Kenya, a scholarship from the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (UK) to become a Darwin Scholar in 2010. These have been as result of his significant contribution towards students’ mentorship and establishing a community based monitoring of key biodiversity sites around Lake Victoria.
He is also a National Geographic explorer as well as a Community Solutions program fellowship alumni (Community Leadership Institute-IREX, US) He holds advanced certificates in International Trans boundary water Management (Swedish International Water Institute) and in Rights Based Approach to Food and Nutrition Security from the Centre for Development and Innovation (CDI), Waigengen University, Netherlands. He has experience with leading community based conservation learning as well as community mobilization focused on promoting sustainable development.
Evarastus has successfully led initiatives focused on promoting community based innovation and enterprise for conservation and livelihoods for sustainability through an education for sustainable development approach. He is a passionate advocate for community participation in conservation decision making.
Evarastus being the CEO of Angaza Vijiji is the advisory board secretary and is tasked with spearheading and leading implementations of decisions made by the board. For his biased love towards birds, he doubles up as a bird guide in western Kenya.
Dr Paul Webala

Paul Webala

Paul Webala (PhD) is a National Geographic Explorer, published author (Paul Webala‬ - Google Scholar‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬), and a senior lecturer of wildlife biology at Maasai Mara University, Kenya. He is an award-winning regional expert on small mammals, especially bats, with extensive fieldwork experience in Kenya, Rwanda and Australia, including baseline bat surveys and impact assessment over 60 months for potential multiple turbine projects.
Collaborating with scientists from around the world, one of his principal interests are the processes that drive rarity and abundance of mammals in natural and human-dominated environments. This research involves behavioural, ecological, and systematic/taxonomic questions and is central to his work of promoting bat conservation in Africa. He has published extensively in reputable international peer-reviewed journals;
He is co-chair of Bat Conservation Africa and a science advisor to Bat Conservation International (USA); and together with colleagues he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for science, capacity building, and biodiversity conservation projects in Africa. He is also a member of the Bat Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Dr. Webala Paul is the advisory board member on conservation, projects development and partnership building. Paul has a solid reputation as a mentor of students and upcoming conservation leaders with several of his students currently practicing conservation research, education and development inspired by his mentorship. Paul is also passionate about nature photography.
Dr Milton Omondi

Dr. Milton Omondi

Dr. Milton Omondi (MBCHB, MSc,) is a seasoned public health specialist and medical professional with expertise in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other tropical diseases such as malaria. He has served as an investigator in several studies, including regulated clinical trials and public health evaluations. Currently, he is the Director of Kenya AIDS Response Program (KARP) at the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB). Previously, he served as Director of the Henry Jackson Foundation (HJFMRI) HIV care and treatment program in Kisumu West, Kenya.
Dr. Milton received a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B.Ch.B.) degree from the University of Nairobi and an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Milton is the advisory board member on integration of mental and physical health activities into our conservation, land use and development programs. He helps the organization integrate play and nature based therapy into sustainable initiatives.
He also uses the community platform to enhance public health awareness in his areas of expertise as well as mentoring youth for career choices and involvement in sustainable development activities. Tony is a footballer and is keen on promoting the use of football for community outreach in our areas of mandate specifically for mental and physical health.
Evelyne Kaumba

Ms. Everlyn Kaumba

Ms. Everlyn Kaumba has vast experience in sustainable natural resource management, Agroecology, and food security. Ms. Kaumba is currently working with Economic and social Rights center as the manager in charge of Research and Programs development. She has Previously worked with Participatory Ecological land use management (PELUM Kenya) and International Fund for Agriculture development (IFAD) as a program officer. She has a Agriculture degree and is currently finalizing her Masters in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nairobi.
Ms. Everlyn is the advisory board member on promoting grassroots sustainability with focus on agriculture, water, food security and nutrition as well as participation in promotion of rights of indigenous peoples. Evelyne has a stellar record in working with grassroots communities, community associations and civil society organizations in promoting extension learning in sustainable agriculture through systematic capacity development initiatives. She is passionate about programs that integrate human rights based approaches that promote inclusion and participation of the grass root communities in decision making.

Where the rubber meets the road…….activity drivers

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Dr David Wechuli Barasa

Research interests: David’s research is focused on small mammals since they are poorly studied in Kenya and other parts of Africa. Using bats as his focal species, he investigates patterns of bat distribution and conservation approaches for modified habitats. The breadth of his research also seeks to understand; i) the impact of habitat degradation and loss on the survival of bat communities ii) the influence of climatic changes on bat acoustic signals across bat assemblages in biomes and iii) the conservation and protection of bat roost sites from threats such as the persecution of bats as they are mistakenly associated with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Hillary Okoth Abok

Tourism enterprise development officer
Hillary Okoth Abok is a graduate from Mount Kenya University with a bachelor’s of Science in Travel and Tourism Management. He has a wealth of experience in tour operations having been instrumental in planning, coordinating, training and staffing our tour operations engagements. He also has the important role of marketing our tourism activities. At Angaza, Hillary is the main man when it comes to coordinating and providing feedback to all actors relating to our tour operations. He also advises the CEO on what actions to take regarding tourism related matters.

Loice Akoth Otieno

Field officer, Education
Loice is a graduate of Bsc in Wildlife Management from the University of Eldoret. She also She has passion in conservation work which ensure protection of biodiversity for future posterity. She coordinates the Angaza Vijiji Ecoventures Schools and community outreach programs on education for sustainable development. She works with young people to mentor them around sustainability more focused on biodiversity conservation and environmental protection. Some of the programs she spearheads in schools include waste management, wildlife monitoring, habitats protection and enterprise promotion. Loice also doubles up as a community scout at Kenya Wildlife Service customer care department at Impala sanctuary.

Nicholas Asunda-

field coordinator, tourism enterprise
Nicholas coordinates our field activities related to tourism. He spearheads visitor handling, education and marketing of our flagship products. He also plays a significant role in educating young school children and students about tourism and the environment.



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